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it poop

this game is rigged

FIRST OF ALL I KRKDIVVIFIF ok i h ate this game it’s gonna make me go insane good day. if there was a zero star i’d pick it twice edit: nvm i won the lvl


I downloaded this game and it glitches out on level 3, I tried restarting the app and it still won’t work. Pretty disappointed, looked like a fun game.

Not enough/hard to execute instructions

There are instructions throughout the game, but it doesn’t do anything, even if I just did exactly what the game tells me to do. It looks promising as I have always been a fan of physics games like World of Goo and Max and the Magic Marker, but I never had this difficult time using those gams compared to this. Worse, if I want a reset, I have to close the entire app, as I couldn’t find/there is no on game menu that could help you back to the main screen. So frustrating!


This game is rigged do not download.i downloaded it and my phone shut down


Awesome 5 stars


Great game but some of the levels need to be a little bit easier and maybe add a few hints if it is possible

Fun but ad-riddled

I like the game but having to watch a glitchy and repetitive ad every 4 or so times you fail/complete a level drove me insane

Game is fun but ads appear so often the game is almost unplayable

Decrease the amount of ads


Ok on level 4 it is impossible u cant move the block so..?help plz

Lots of ads.

There are ads very often and the game has unnecessarily slow transitions between levels.

Great Game, but...

This game is one of those puzzlers that addicts you. The one issue, and the reason why it deserves 3 stars, is the constant adds. Sure, the developers need to make money, but the adds play in the middle of a round! Please either minimize the adds, or we have to all purchase the no-add in-app purchase.

A $.99 game for $2.99.

The price makes you hesitant to buy it, so you try it and the frequency of the millions of ads makes you uninstall it.

Too many Ads

Way too many ads. Couldn’t what the app has to offer

you’re welcome

i haven’t even got the game yet but 5 star for idk why

Great aesthetics

the game is quite simple, but is fun once you get a few rounds in.

Great game

Low rating is for frequency of ads, if you want me to buy it then let me play without the aggravation!


It’s a good game, but too much advertisement.

Fun game, Great way to take a break

I had a problem, and the developer Nate got back to me right away. Nice to see them taking the time to respond. Love this game, when I need a short break, I enjoy playing a few levels, then get back to the real world. Thanks

Challenging and fun (Updated)

Best most realistic kinetic game I have ever played. Update: Version 1.6 Improvements and bug fixes... (Read as ADDED INSANE NUMBER OF ADS IN AN ATTEMPT TO FORCE YOU TO BUY AD FREE.) COMPLETE BS.

Great game - when will autumn be issued?

Love this game, but I thought the autumn 2017 edition would be issued before Christmas! Are you going to come out with more puzzles?




I have to restart the app after each level in order to get to the next one. Uhh...


Like it

More levels free

Once you get to the bonus levels after 40 the levels become impossible and not satisfying. I would give a 5 star, if there was no bonus levels.

Love this game!

Played the original. Love this one just as much.

Beautiful, quaint & clever!

First I'll say that extensive & tedious time spent in the setup and menu in most other games that drives me nuts is nonexistent in this game. You play the game instantly and restarting a level is instant! Bravo!! This is as immediate as it gets. One click to reset level. The interface and gameplay is simple & beautiful and very enjoyable to look at as its so airy. If you get stuck on a level they give you an option to watch a short ad video allowing you to skip to the next level. Sweet! Other games I would eventually get frustrated and quit playing. Highly recommended and an example of what developers should strive for IMO. EDIT: After 40 levels this game has gone south! Now I'm having to either pay to upgrade or watch ads etc. this is odd for a paid app. What was a good experience is now a typical cr$p app as in heavy handed spamming and or pestering to purchases in app upgrades I'm going from 5 star to "1" star.


It is a very nice relaxing game. I've enjoyed the 1st (original) set of challenges, and now having fun with Seasons. I hope other enjoy the relaxing calming effects of this puzzle game. All-Someness




Thumbs up


Yesssssss the best app ever ✌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

Date Night

We love the game. We team up on each level to sink the ball in the bucket on date nights!!

Hypnotic Absorbing Original

If this is the sort of thing you like, you'll really like this.


Puzzle number 76 is BROKEN. There is also an over use of challenges that are timing based rather than physics based. Why would you put so many levels that just require a precisely timed ball release? I'll tell you why, so that you can make money when people get frustrated and skip! That's not creative, that's lazy. I loved the original game, because it had a great balance of physics and timing, and none of the levels were completely broken, such as level 76 in the Spring season.


It's Worth


Addicting and fun, you just can't put it down.

Challenging and great fun!

Enjoy very much but wish we had more balls to play with.

Fun and challenging

Love this game. Thrilled to see another version to play.

Very fun

Challenging but fun

Drop Flip Seasons

Super fun game. Keeps you interested and occupied with all the different layouts and angles. The game seems to work well as it progresses. Good game!



yikes... bonus levels are a letdown

A fun game that took a turn for the worse with the bonus levels; level 41 is buggy as i couldn't move the hill anymore after moving it once, and there's no more "reset" button for the bonus levels. Plus, you only get a limited number of bonus balls now, unless you buy more or watch ads. Considering how most of the game is luck rather than skill, the new limits in bonus balls is a letdown. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Addicting Fun!!!

Fun visual puzzles that are great fun and extremely rewarding to solve. Like potato chips, you can't solve just one!!

Love this game!

So glad they came out with another Drop Flip game!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


good game

Greatest game ever

Very addicting.

For free

Game is fun and challenging...for a free game

Nice game

The concept keeps u thinking


Very fun and challenging! 😀

Nice fun game

My 6 yr old has a great time trying to figure out each puzzles. It is a great brain teaser and makes you think.

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